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Located in the foothills of the Western Ghats in Coimbatore near Siruvani, spread over a 78-acre- campus stands the Chinmaya International Residential School. Established in 1996 by the
Spiritual Master Swami Chinmayananda, the school’s main motto is to provide its students with
value-based education and incorporate rich cultural heritage along with independence and creativity. CIRS has been ranked 1st in India for the first time and in Tamil Nadu for the 11th consecutive year in the top co-ed boarding school’s category of the Education World India School Rankings. TEDx Youth events have been organized by CIRS since 2017 collaborating with various revolutionary thinkers and change-makers.

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A veil in this context is a metaphor used to cover, conceal or disguise reality. Our biases too act like a veil that taints our perception of the world and the people we meet. They harbour misconceptions and make us judge situations and people without a proper context. Our theme "Unveiled" discusses the importance of confronting our prejudices to truly understand the unbiased world and look at it with an untainted view. We hope to bring in a wide array of speakers with vast experience in reforming the society and impacting people positively. A defining instance of this would be the constant buzz around doctors and the illusion of the life they lead. However, the unfiltered truth is the grueling hours and the constant fight to save the lives of people from various deadly diseases. Our objective through this theme is to highlight such stories and bring forward the untold versions. Potential speakers- change makers, activists, art critic, advocates, journalists, small business entrepreneurs, army officials, and academicians.

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We have a diverse range of speakers, from multiple backgrounds, all presenting their views on a similar topic. After long hours of research, our speaker hunters have handpicked these adept speakers.
From an IPS officer to an art critic, our dynamic speakers will motivate the audience to open perspectives. Every speaker will present a reinvigorated perspective and leave the audience with new ideas and possibilities.


A Global Influence With A Student Body

This event would not have been possible had it not been for the diligent work of the amazing team,

who made sure that our event comes out absolutely stunning!

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