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Mrs. Dhivya VM



Introducing the core team! These 5 members are the backbone of the entire event and make sure things are running smoothly… most of the time. This dynamic team works meticulously to have this year’s TEDxYouth@CIRS 2022 be one of the best events hosted by our school. The team comprises Advika, Arnav, Parvathi, Prachi and Rishwanth who together keep track of progress, coordinate mails and ensure everyone collaborates and runs like clockwork.

See those highly talented speakers there? Well, you probably did not know that our speaker hunters are the ones who, after doing nights of research, listening to hundreds of talks online, shortlisting and running through the same cycle repeatedly, brought these inspirational people together. Playing for the team, we have Mirudhanya, Prashil, Rima and Yathunath who made sure TEDxYouth@CIRS 2022 is a spectacle worth watching  and listening to.


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An exciting mix of artistry and technology, members of this team got all the skills in the bag! It goes without saying that TEDxYouth@CIRS 2022 exists thanks to the prowess displayed by Mithun, Tanay, Shri Varshini and Vidaarth. Everything from the teasers to this website you’re on has been handled by our electrifying tech team. Besides, with our event going online due to the pandemic, we could not have asked for a better squad.


Here’s to the artists who are the minds behind the eye-catching outlook of our whole event. Their out-of-the-box ideas and inspiring creativity is what makes TEDxYouth@CIRS 2022 look so sprightly and chic. So, if you find yourselves unknowingly scrolling through our posters or hopefully sharing those stories we put up on Instagram, then you have Khimaya and Japraaj to appreciate. 





Fifty shares, two thousand likes and a hundred more tweets. This team is always on their toes, never stopping, always thriving. The event would have been dreary and banal if it were not for Sindhu and Varun running all our social media platforms and keeping our audience updated with the latest. Their high-spirited work environment drives them to bring out the best in everyone.